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Energy Committee - On?

UPDATE: I see in the Citizen this morning that a name is now being added (I think):

Dale Dormody also has expressed interest in a seat on the committee.

I thought it a bit weird that Dale would take the time and put up the argument of taking the Energy Committee philosophy 180 from Doug's, and then not sign up for it.  Perhaps more interesting times are ahead!


I had a post ready a few days ago that was entitled "Somebody turned off the Energy....zzzzz" as an article in the Citizen a while ago was reporting:

Little interest in Gilford energy committee

Though the proposed formation of an energy study committee made headlines, the town has reported that when it came time to fill the seats on the committee there was a lack of interest.

Town Administrator Evans Juris informed the Board of Selectmen that only two applications for appointment to the committee have been received, with only one other inquiry aside from those. Only Doug Lambert and Patrick McKenna have been the only two who have submitted applications seeking energy committee appointments.

This news did not elicit a sympathetic response from the chair.

"Then there won't be a committee," said board Chair Alice Boucher, after being asked what would be done if no more applications came in. "If it is important then I think people would apply."

As you may have remembered, Article 30 was being pushed by Everett McLaughlin and was passed by a wide margin (Yes 1183  N0 630). 

Seems like Gilford residents, having appeased their inner conservatism (ha-ha!) went back to the SUVs.

Juris suggested to the board that the concerned members of the community who spoke from various perspectives on the issue might have created a false impression of great interest in the community.

Or seeing it become a divisive committee after Dale Dormody decided that Doug's take on the whole philosophy was all wrong, just decided to yawn?

Well, it seems that the switch was turned on - there is interest in the Energy Committee after all.  The Laconia Daily Sun is reporting that Chan Eddy, Howard Epstein, and Gino Crecco want to join with Doug and Pat McKenna (who was on Meet The New Press here) in seeing what can be done in town.  That's five now - that should be enough for the Selectmen to approve a new committee, right?

Good for them!  (Slyly) Besides, I'd love seeing a couple of white windmills up on the ridge generating free power for the town....

Umm, by the way, did I miss seeing a name trying to get on the list?


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Gee, who could that be?

Actually, there are two names I expected to see on that list, yet they are nowhere to be found.

Hmmm. It is a puzzlement!

Well, don't expect my name on that list....I'm already way over scheduled as it is and I am not about to make it worse!

Actually, I wasn't thinking about you. And I believe that the one you were thinking about has come forward. The only thing I don't know is if this will be a good thing or a bad thing....but I'm leaning towards the latter.

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