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Property Taxes

Overall US Rate of Inflation: about 3.7% through September.

My Inflation Rate of My Gilford Property Taxes from July to yesterday:  19.7%

The latter is over 5 times the former.

And yours was? And your feelings about this are (hint: leave a comment!)?


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Mine was similar. We bought our home in April 2005, at which time its value was assessed. 12 months later and they're saying its value increase 20.7%!

To say I was outraged would be an understatement. At it's best, the housing market never saw anywhere near that much appreciation in a year.

Have no doubt I'll be taking up the Assessor's office on their offer to come in and talk about it. And you can believe that I'll be filing for an abatement.

My assessment went up a similar amount - but what was the percentage rise in your tax bill just sent out to the previous one?

What is equitable about having one fifth of the property owners being appraised using an Inspection and measurement methodology and the remaining four fifth by comparable sales. Don’t they all have tax bill using the same tax rate?

I recently wrote an editorial in the Laconia Sun requesting Budget Committee Chairman Hickok to address town wages and Benefits, as well as staffing rquirement, on a department by department basis.
I have never recieved so many positive comments from readers. It seams they are not pleased about their recent tax bills. Some of these people work for other towns and live in Gilford.

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